Peter Golden’s Quiet Diplomat, a biography of industrialist and political-insider Max M. Fisher made The Detroit Free Press bestseller list. Among those he interviewed were Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush; Secretaries of State Kissinger, Haig, and Shultz; and Israeli Prime Ministers Shamir, Peres, and Rabin.

Chapter 1, Quiet Diplomat


Critical Acclaim for Quiet Diplomat


“A meticulously researched and gracefully written book. . . . it gives us a concrete view of the emergence of American Jews into the mainstream of national politics since World War II.”


“Much more than the story of a remarkable individual. Because Max Fisher has been such a key figure for the last several decades. . . his life’s works reflect the drama—the anguish as well as the triumphs—of a tumultuous period. Quiet Diplomat is a welcome refresher course in recent political and Jewish history.”


“Quiet Diplomat is a story about genesis. And like Genesis, it is breathtaking.”

—Shimon Peres Former Prime Minister of Israel

“This well-titled biography is a rewarding account of [Fisher’s] profound influence and achievements.”

—George Shultz Former U.S. Secretary of State

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