With J. Stanley Shaw, Golden wrote I Rest My Case: My Long Journey from the Castle on the Hill to Home, a memoir that chronicles Shaw’s life from his childhood years under the supervision of the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylum in the 1930s to his career as one of the preeminent bankruptcy attorneys in the U.S. Shaw’s colorful and often poignant reminiscences take us from Depression-era Brooklyn, through his years at Columbia University and New York Law School, his early setbacks at the hands of an unscrupulous real estate developer who left him one million dollars in debt, the political education he received as a leader of the New York Liberal Party during the 1960s and 1970s, and his groundbreaking legal work in corporate bankruptcy. All proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the Association for Adults and Children With Learning Disabilities (ACLD), a not-for-profit organization that assists more than 2,500 infants, children and their families.

Praise for I Rest My Case

“I first met Stanley Shaw in the courtroom a number of years ago when he and I represented opposing sides in a case. I found him to be a brilliant and tenacious attorney. Since then, I have come to know him as an equally brilliant and tenacious advocate for countless worthwhile causes He is a good man to have on your side—and I am grateful that he has been on mine. Stan is truly an exceptional New Yorker, and his story is a compelling one.”

— George E. Pataki, Governor of the State of New York

“From the halls of an orphanage to the offices of America’s most influential people, J. Stanley Shaw’s life story reads like the quintessential American dream. His remarkable professional career has been characterized by integrity, decency and a commitment to what he believes is right and just. I have relied on him as a close political advisor and confidant and can attribute a great many of my campaign successes to his involvement. I hold J. Stanley Shaw in the highest esteem, not only for his sharp mind and keen instincts, but most important, for his friendship.

— H. Carl McCall, Comptroller of the State of New York

“Stanley and Doris have been touched by their son Jeffrey’s lifelong disability. Their love and energy have changed his life and the lives of many others with disabilities. What do you get when you mix political savvy with a big heart? Stanley and Doris Shaw!”

— Aaron Liebowitz, Executive Director,
Association for Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities

“During the last eighteen years that Stanley Shaw has appeared before me as an attorney, he has won my greatest respect and admiration. The life story readers find in I Rest My Case clearly mirrors the author’s successful battles with tremendous adversity. I am proud and fortunate to be counted among his many friends and admirers.”

— Conrad B. Duberstein, Chief Bankruptcy Judge of the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York

“A thoughtful, brilliant, and sentimental man, Stanley Shaw gives us in I Rest My Case insights into what has made him a legal genius, loving husband and a benefactor to countless charities and individuals. He is a true leader who has led with his heart as well as his mind.”

— Bill McBride, managing partner, Holland & Knight LLP

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